CNN: Breaking US & World News App Reviews

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So glad they don't let the racist alt right off the hook as easily as other news sites do.

Don't bother with this APP if you want truthful news. This is not really news. It is really just the reporters uninformed, biased opinions.

Very good

This application is very interesting! There is a lot of subject which learn about the world Moreover, this app developp my english!


Really good app with interesting news

Good app

Very good app. Breaking news and life coverage of important events through streaming tv appreciated.


Great app! Very reliable and up to date. Always one step ahead of others in terms of news updates!

Very good app

Im french, but the articles are very easy to understand ! The only bad point is that we dont have much informations about breaking news.


It keeps crashing on the start with this update please fix this!!

Latest is crashing...


Crisis News Network

Always on top of the latest breaking news!!


Live tv doesnt work at all. This update is total crap!

its not compatible with voiceover

This application is not compatible with voiceover to read the articles So the people who use voice over to read the article cannot use these application

Very convenient

Very convenient to read about outbreaking news. Unfortunately its not possible to search with keywords


Thanks for always being on top with breaking stories.

Complimentary perspective to European headlines

Keep on going

Gréât way to keep up with the news.

Up to date news. Videos. And information. I use it all the time and it has never let me down.


Good App, Easy access to whatss going Wordwide.

Too many spelling mistakes

Honestly, what is wrong with the journalists? I havent read an article without a spelling mistake in a long time... The interface is also very confusing. Im not too happy with this app.

Good but...

Very clear and appreciate app but its crashed sometimes and its very not nice


Very useful to be aware of all important information around the world. However its a pity not to watch movies without forth enrollment.

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